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Kevin Swiryn
Rugby 7’s

Hi, my name is Kevin.
I was born in San Jose, CA.
My sport is Rugby 7’s, and
I have been competing in it since I was 19 years old.

My favorite workout is doing intervals on the row machine.
I am inspired by my Grandpa, Herb, and

Knowing who I represent, what my goals are and wanting to be the best keeps me motivated.

My favorite food is cheese. I relax by reading, and love listening to Dessa.

My pre-competition ritual is visualization, self-imagery and performing my power stance.

What’s the secret to my success? Keeping running in perspective, treating my body well, and trying to challenge myself every day.

What Kevin says about InHealth

It’s a pleasure, every time I walk in that door and every time I leave, I feel better. Taking care of your body is the only way to survive a collision sport like rugby and InHealth has gotten me to exactly where I need to be in order to compete in the upcoming Olympics in Rio, 2016.


Kevin Swiryn grew up in San Jose, CA as a football player. He began playing rugby at age 19 when his college’s football team was cut. He quickly made a name for himself in the rugby world, being named All-American and becoming the captain of his college team in 2008. He made his professional debut in 2009 with Agen in the French Top 14, specializing at both centre and wing. He was later selected to tour with the USA Eagles squad for the 2010 tour of Europe.

Swiryn temporarily retired at the end of 2012 due to persistent injuries. He moved to Seattle where he began working at Kibble & Prentice as well as coaching rugby at the University of Washington. Through coaching, he began to reconnect with the game and slowly returned to playing for the Serevi/ATAVUS club. Through perseverance and a smarter approach to training, Kevin rebounded to make the U.S. National rugby sevens team in 2015. He continues to excel and use the experiences he gains through coaching at UW to gain new perspective on his own role as a player and teammate.

Favorite Quote

“Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction”

Al Bernstein

Career Highlights

USA 7’s National Teams

  • 2010 Team Captain
  • 14 tournament appearances to date
  • 2009 Rugby 7’s World Championships

USA 15’s National Teams

  • 2011 Rugby 15’s World Championships
  • 13 International Appearances (Caps)

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