Have you ever experienced low back pain? The answer for most people is "YES!". Low back pain can effect multiple parts of your day:  from pain waking up in the morning, to pain doing daily activities like sitting or standing, to pain performing exercise and then full circle to pain while sleeping. Low back pain is no fun at all!

At InHealth, we see patients every day who are trying to solve back pain, whether from exercise activities or daily life. We are experts at treating back pain through chiropractic care, soft tissue therapies like Active Release Therapy, and then giving you functional rehabilitation exercises that provide you the tools to decrease pain on your own at home.

Jump on board for our three part series on low back pain!


First up: Managing Low Back Pain From Sitting 

The average American spends 13 hours per day sitting...crazy! If we can improve the way we sit, it can have a profound impact on the way we feel as well as our overall quality of life. 

Check out our 4 Tips for improving the way you sit to decrease low back pain.

UP NEXT WEEK: Managing Low Back Pain from Standing...stay tuned!


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