That bright colored tape that you have seen on athletes on television is not just for show. Kinesiology tape is a complement to manual therapy and rehabilitation and can play a valuable role in recovery from acute and chronic conditions. Many different brands exist including RockTape, Kinesiotape, PerformTex and others.  Here are some common questions about Kinesiology Tape answered.

What are the effects?

Kinesiology tape has multiple effects. It is used to activate muscles by stimulating the neurological system, decreases pain by overriding the pain signals that head towards the brain and also increases subcutaneous space by separating muscles from skin and fascia which allows enhanced flow of blood and lymph.

How do you use it?

Application of the tape is quick and painless and can lead to immediate results. It is one of few modalities that can be used during activity. The skin is cleaned with an alcohol prep pad to remove any dirt, oils or lotion that would impair adhesion and limit its effectiveness.

What can it be used for?  

Kinesiology tape is a key part of treatment during acute conditions like ankle sprains and hamstring strains where it can help limit the immediate inflammation, swelling and pain that takes place. It is equally useful in chronic conditions like patellar tendonitis, lateral epicondylitis and shoulder impingement where muscle activation will address muscle imbalances and help restore proper running gait or throwing mechanics. The colorful tape that you may have seen athletes wearing on television is not just for athletes. Anyone can suffer from an acute or chronic injury and anyone with these conditions would benefit from using kinesiology tape. The other benefit of Kinesiology tape?  Its a great conversation starter.  #KeepThemGuessing Kinesio Tape is just one of the treatment approaches we use at InHealth to support chronic and acute injuries.  If interested in learning more, feel free to contact us.

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