January 16, 2014

Miir One4One

We love Miir.  You’ll often see Dr. Kevin or Dr. Curt running out to the water fountain, clutching two to three Miir waterbottles, seeking a refill. The bottles are incredibly durable, beautiful, and fit for a great cause. Miir’s One4One initiative is working around the world to provide clean drinking water to the billions of … Read More

by InHealth
January 10, 2014

Healthy Body Series Pt. 2

  When we look at the whole picture of health we see how it affects many factors. Carrying excess weight negatively impacts the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of our life. In Part 1 we discussed emotional health, but today we will explore the physical.   Excess weight correlates with an array of different conditions ranging from … Read More

by InHealth
January 2, 2014

Nick Symmonds joins the Brooks Beasts

The expert in sports injury and performance. It’s an exciting year for the Brooks Beasts- a team comprised of phenomenal athletes and more importantly, amazing people! Today Brooks excitedly announced the newest addition to their team, Nick Symmonds. You can read or listen to his full interview with Ryan Fenton on Flotrack to learn more … Read More

by InHealth