Avoid back pain by stretching

3 Simple Steps to Avoid Back Pain

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Does your back hurt? You’re not alone. Be encouraged because things can be done to help! Simply put: Breathe, move and stretch. Proper breathing patterns rely on the diaphragm, which contributes to core stabilization. Moving prevents you from spending extended periods of time in a static posture, which may lead to muscle tightness and stretching […]

Interview: Seattle Chiropractor Working with Elite Athletes

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In the warm final weeks of August while we were all enjoying some rare Seattle sunshine Dr. Kevin was working with the USA Swimming team at the Pan Pacific Championships in Gold Coast, Australia. When Kevin returned, boxes of Australian sandwich cookies and bags of licorice appeared in the back office. Along with the goodies […]

Can Kinesio Tape play a role in your injury recovery?

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That bright colored tape that you have seen on athletes on television is not just for show. Kinesiology tape is a complement to manual therapy and rehabilitation and can play a valuable role in recovery from acute and chronic conditions. Many different brands exist including RockTape, Kinesiotape, PerformTex and others.  Here are some common questions […]