Avoid back pain by stretching

3 Simple Steps to Avoid Back Pain

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Does your back hurt? You’re not alone. Be encouraged because things can be done to help! Simply put: Breathe, move and stretch. Proper breathing patterns rely on the diaphragm, which contributes to core stabilization. Moving prevents you from spending extended periods of time in a static posture, which may lead to muscle tightness and stretching […]

Why Sitting Should Scare You

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I have a hard time getting my mind wrapped around the fact that sitting is “dangerous” or bad for my health. My tail is firmly rooted in my car seat, desk chair, and couch at night. Of course, the couch might be a figment of my imagination with our two and four year old boys… […]

The Comeback Kid: How to Stay Motivated During Injury Recovery

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Congratulations! By taking action to understand what is ailing you and performing the steps to heal the cause, you are already on the comeback train! But what happens when you’re working towards getting healthy again but the results are slow and you begin to lack motivation? This is where the real challenge begins. How do […]

How Often Should I Come in for a Massage?

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You’re marathon is 3 months away.  You’ve been training hard, putting in higher miles, adding intervals, lifting heavier weights and consuming more calories than you would at Thanksgiving dinner.  You’ve been trying to keep injury at bay with tiger tails, foam rollers and epsom salt baths.  It’s worked so far, but it’s not enough.  You […]