Avoid back pain by stretching

3 Simple Steps to Avoid Back Pain

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Does your back hurt? You’re not alone. Be encouraged because things can be done to help! Simply put: Breathe, move and stretch. Proper breathing patterns rely on the diaphragm, which contributes to core stabilization. Moving prevents you from spending extended periods of time in a static posture, which may lead to muscle tightness and stretching […]

Tennis and Knee Pain

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You look forward to tennis each week. It’s your outlet, your stress relief and now you are starting to experience knee pain. Tennis is a demanding sport, especially on your knees, as it involves quick bursts of acceleration, stopping, starting and changing direction. One of the more common complaints amongst tennis players is Patellofemoral Pain […]

Is Icing a Good Idea? : The Cold Hard Facts of Cryotherapy

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Plunging my sprained ankle into a bucket of ice, I cringe as the sharp chill needles into my foot and ankle. My whole body tenses up and I count down the seconds until my lower leg finally becomes numb. As an athlete, icing is something that I have always considered part of my injury rehabilitation. […]

Don't be chained to your desk.

Headaches and Neck Pain at Work? Upper Crossed Syndrome May be to Blame

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Sitting in at a desk all day could be causing more problems than you realize. The forward head posture and rounded shoulders from which many office workers suffer is often associated with a condition called Upper Crossed Syndrome. This condition can also be accompanied by headaches and neck pain, pain in the upper back and shoulders, and […]

Love Your Knees

Understanding and Eliminating Knee Pain

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Why endure chronic knee pain from soccer, running, cycling, gardening and other activities of daily living when you could take steps to eliminate the problem? It is estimated that Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) affects between 25-30% of individuals between the ages of 19-30 in a given year1 and between 50-85% of female runners will experience some […]

Can Kinesio Tape play a role in your injury recovery?

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That bright colored tape that you have seen on athletes on television is not just for show. Kinesiology tape is a complement to manual therapy and rehabilitation and can play a valuable role in recovery from acute and chronic conditions. Many different brands exist including RockTape, Kinesiotape, PerformTex and others.  Here are some common questions […]